EF #5 – Why I Joined BEC

Soo… This is, as far as I could recall, my very first intentionally-written-in-English blog post. It’s been ages since the last time I published an update on this blog, and the moment I finally got to write again, I did it in English. Pretty swag, eh? Hahaha… Anyway, it actually went back about a week ago. I was having my in-between term holidays and got nothing exciting to do but lying on bed for the whole days, so I thought it would probably be nice to (finally) have a little visit to blogosphere things.

If you are WordPress users, it should’ve been familiar to you that right after logging in to your account, you’d be redirected to the Reader page where you could see a list of posts from the blogs you’re following. And that was when I saw some fellow bloggers posting some entries with common topic in English and putting on them a very distinctive title code: EF #4. Feeling curious, I did a little more digging and found BEC’s blog page (what is that? Click on the link and see for yourself).

Long story  short, I registered and joined the club. So this, this very blog post here, would be the initial entry for (supposedly :P) an upcoming series of weekly posts in the future. And on this 5th week (or first for me), the challenge is to write about the club itself. Since I’m quite new to this thing and haven’t known much, I think I’ll just write about the reason I decided to join the club and what I expected from that.

So, what was my motivation in joining the club in the first place? To be honest, it was nothing fancy nor noble-minded. It was simply because… I felt like it. 😛 Seriously, I wasn’t quite sure that I could keep up with the weekly challenge. Routinely blogging in Bahasa Indonesia has always been hard enough for me, let alone doing it in English. However, I’m still hoping that the club and its challenge could somehow help me dealing with the writing procrastination I’ve been having for quite a long time. I’m especially relying a lot on the community members. In a glance, the community seemed to consist of many active professional bloggers from whom I could take plenty of knowledge and motivation in blogging. Being alone blogger didn’t take me anywhere far, so I’m counting much on being in a network.

Moreover, if I manage to meet the challenge every week, I can use it as a way for improving my English writing skill, the skill I haven’t had much time practicing. It will be an advantage for me as I’m planning to pursue a higher education degree abroad after graduating here.

Um.. I think that’s all for now. In fact, I didn’t even think that I would be able to write this much. Soo… I guess I’ll see you next week (hopefully). 😀

EF #5 – Why I Joined BEC

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